Proud to share with you the work we have done with our clients!

Cases and customer testimonials


“ The cleaning guys did an amazing job on our vessel! Many thanks for their very good and kind assistance. “

M.L. Commercial Manager – local Representative for & on behalf of vessel’s Master  – Container Shipping Company,  Germany   (September 2023)

“ Good day,Many thanks for your fast service and good progress “

M.R.  Efficiency Manager – Container Shipping Company,  South Europe  (August 2023)

“ Once again many thanks for your warm welcome in Antwerp last week for diner and for few hours talk and visit on Wednesday morning. MAC2 facility visit was very interesting and just confirmed our very good appreciation of MAC2 quality of service. Talk to you soon. “

M.S. Energy & Residues Manager  –  Container Company,  South Europe  (begin January 2023)

“ Het was me net als vorig jaar een genoegen om samen te werken. We spreken elkaar snel. “

C.B.  Regulatory & Compliance Manager – Chemical Factory & Supplier, Belgium  (Augustus 2023)

“ Ik vond het schoonmaken van de brandstof tank erg snel en professioneel uitgevoerd de tank was letterlijk brand schoon, proficiat naar u en de collega’s. ik zal het zeker onthouden voor in de toekomst we hebben regelmatig een brandstof tank die schoongemaakt moet worden en hoop dat we dan weer samen kunnen werken. “

A.D.  Superintendent  –  Nederlandse Rederij, Groningen  (September 2023) 

“ De mannen hebben weer mooi werk afgeleverd! “

V.N.  Commercial Manager – S.T.C.E  Nederland   (Oktober 2023) 



Ships produce vast amounts of garbage – Marpol V. Under the EU indirect fee system, ships can dispose these in Antwerp without additional charges (*). MAC² is authorized collector in that system and organizes 24/7 collection by barge, by truck, by drop-off container and at our terminal.
(*) see conditions in Port Regulations

Engine sludges, slops, and EGS waste

Collecting and treating liquid maritime waste – Marpol I, II, IV and VI – waste, is at the core of our offering. Our 3 tanker barges operate 24/7, and are supported by truck collection for small quantities. Beneath the traditional sludges and slops, we also handle the more difficult low flash slops, pre-washes and scrubber waste. All waste is treated at our treatment plant in the 4th harbour dock, with maximum recycling of valuable components.