ISPS regulations

Our terminal operates under ISPS regulations.

Access to our terminal requires compliance with specific terminal rules with regards to pre-announcement of your visit.

MAC²-terminal access rules related to SEA-GOING VESSELS

All visitors for sea-going vessels
must announce themselves in advance.

This can be done through alfapass or via

MAC²-terminal access rules related to INLAND BARGES

Inland barges must – prior to mooring at MAC² quays
261, 263, MARN, MARZ, 267A, 267B, 269 en 271 –
announce themselves via

Further instructions will be provided as a consequence.


Ships produce vast amounts of garbage – Marpol V. Under the EU indirect fee system, ships can dispose these in Antwerp without additional charges (*). MAC² is authorized collector in that system and organizes 24/7 collection by barge, by truck, by drop-off container and at our terminal.
(*) see conditions in Port Regulations

Engine sludges, slops, and EGS waste

Collecting and treating liquid maritime waste – Marpol I, II, IV and VI – waste, is at the core of our offering. Our 3 tanker barges operate 24/7, and are supported by truck collection for small quantities. Beneath the traditional sludges and slops, we also handle the more difficult low flash slops, pre-washes and scrubber waste. All waste is treated at our treatment plant in the 4th harbour dock, with maximum recycling of valuable components.