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Our terminal operates under ISPS regulations.

Access to our terminal requires compliance with specific terminal rules with regards to pre-announcement of your visit.

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MAC², centrally located in the port of Antwerp, is a port reception facility and an environmental solutions provider delivering a wide range of services to maritime and industrial businesses. Our purpose is to keep oceans clean and to give waste a second life.

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Waste recycling

Port and port related operations, such as maritime shipping, inland barging, industrial cleaning and tank transport generate vast amounts of waste. MAC² is committed to collecting this waste and to recycle as much as possible back into material loops. As a result, less waste risks being dumped into the environment, and unnecessary use of scarce virgin material is avoided.

Oil recycling

A major part of this maritime and port related waste contains oil that can be recycled through physico-chemical processes. In our process plant, we recycle more than 17.000 tons of oil per year from the waste we collect.

Waste water treatment

The water recuperated during the oil recycling is treated in a multi phased process through physico-chemical treatment, biological treatment, sand-filtering and polishing with active carbon. More than 140.000 m³ of treated water - meeting the sharpest environmental standards - is put back in the port docks and the river every year.

Latest case

New water treatment plant.

We are currently commissioning the renewal of our water treatment plant.

After 20 years of service, we decided in 2021 to do a major renewal of the water treatment plant.

The goals of this project were to keep up with the ever-increasing legal demands associated with water purification, as well as to double the treatment capacity and to enable handling of more difficult waste streams.

The project was executed by Waterl’eau – – a world-leading water technology company and a sister company belonging to Group Machiels.

Thanks to this 3M€ investment, MAC² is ready for another 20 years of state-of-the-art water purification


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Ships produce vast amounts of garbage – Marpol V. Under the EU indirect fee system, ships can dispose these in Antwerp without additional charges (*). MAC² is authorized collector in that system and organizes 24/7 collection by barge, by truck, by drop-off container and at our terminal.
(*) see conditions in Port Regulations

Engine sludges, slops, and EGS waste

Collecting and treating liquid maritime waste – Marpol I, II, IV and VI – waste, is at the core of our offering. Our 3 tanker barges operate 24/7, and are supported by truck collection for small quantities. Beneath the traditional sludges and slops, we also handle the more difficult low flash slops, pre-washes and scrubber waste. All waste is treated at our treatment plant in the 4th harbour dock, with maximum recycling of valuable components.