At the MAC²/Marpol station we have more than 1500 meters of berth available. Vessels with a maximal draft of 8 meters can await berth availability or prepare their tanks before cargo operations at our terminal, all in compliance with the ISPS regulations.
Meanwhile other services like MARPOL discharging and the delivery of provisions can still proceed, Bunkering is also allowed but has to be announced.  This means no loss of time and a crew who can fully concentrate on the cargo operations afterwards.


Transshipment is a common, but crucial, business practice existing in such situations as cargo transshipments from intercontinental tankers to regional tankers. MAC² has the necessary licenses for the proceeding of transhipment operations at the Port Reception Facility.

Since transshipments at our site are not going through shorelines however ship to ship or ship to truck, we are able to offer you the best conditions. This might be very important as the logistic expenses represent a significant portion of supply chain costs.

If required we can supply the vessel with Yokohama fenders (pneumatic rubber fenders) or small fenders to guarantee safe berthing operations.