MAC² has the knowledge and experience to perform all kinds of cleaning operations, for example the cleaning of tanks (side-wing, double bottom, …), holds or engine rooms, and this for seagoing vessels as well as for inland tankers.

For inland tankers we have our own butterwash installation at our site for the cleaning of chemical and mineral tankers.
Other services we can provide at our site include the delivery of steam, ventilation (after cleaning) and hot water.


MAC² has the know-how and resources to act quickly and efficiently for the marine environmental protection. Our intervention barges are extremely fast and highly manoeuvrable and 24 hours a day standby in case an accidental spill occurs.

To capture the contaminating fracture, our barges are equipped with high oil spill containment booms for use under heavy weather conditions. For the removal of the contamination on the water surface we mobilise vacuum trucks.
If necessary, we have barges equipped with a hot water high-pressure unit that can be used for the cleaning of the hull of your vessel.

MAC² has developed a close relationship with the relevant authorities and is therefore able to offer you the most efficient solution since we keep in close contact with them.